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Amorgos is a small island of the Cyclades with some obvious and some hidden merits,that fascinates the visitor in an individual way. It is truth that coming out of the boat , an akward breeze charms you and stay unforgetable. All the visitors claim that they still remember that strange feeling of their first moment in Amorgos.

In Amorgos pictures and sounds unoll and appear in front of us unexpectedly like old loves. The thought sets free and we re-evaluate the points of a quality life ,that might be forgotten by the everyday routine. We meet the innocent look of people who greet you with a smile without waiting for return.

Amorgos is the eastern island of the Cyclades, with 2000 inhabitants. The island is divided into three parts. The northern section is the area of Aegiali.Secondly the center of the island, which is the main port of Katapola and just 10 minutes away the capital, Chora and thirdly, the southern part which is Kato meria.Each part has its own, specific characteristics that will cheer up the visitor until the last day of his vacation.

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